QualeMagni Vision

QualeMagni and Somras Ventures (A QualeMagni Group Company) Manufacture, Bottle and Distribute Wines, Sake, Tequila and Vodka catered specifically for the South Asia Market. With Brand profiles matching the taste profiles, each product is uniquely designed to please every consumer.

Our core focus is to grow these brands into mainstream consumables and enhance the reach of the The Excalibur Range and our Spirits collection to sustainably deliver value to every stakeholder.

The upward integration into producing our own brands has given us greater visibility on the World Market and we aim to leverage this further our capabilities as we expand in Asia.

Letter from the Managing Director

Dear Stakeholders,

Let’s do something AMAZING!

As CEO of QualeMagni and Somras , I am very proud of our company and its employees for helping to make our product offering better. One of the reasons we’re successful is our teamwork. As a team, we gather our individual strengths to accomplish more than we can do alone.

QualeMagni and Somras have worked together as a team for years to help provide products that are consumer centric and that help our partners to be Profitable and Proud to serve our products. One of the many advantages of selling the Excalibur Range  is the assurance that our products will conform to the highest standards and that consumers enjoy every sip!

Please join me on this new vision and mission as we begin to sell our “MADE FOR INDIA” brands in this campaign. There will be lots of fun for all! Plus you’ll learn more about what we as individuals and employees do to make our industry even better .

With this campaign our goal is to achieve greater customer satisfaction and Each of us and every sip makes a difference!


Thank you in advance for your support,

Surya Phadke

Managing Director

QualeMagni Vision

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