Khortytsa Platinum


Khortysta is for all of life’s defining moments. Our brand is the #1 best-selling vodka in Eastern Europe and the #3 best-selling vodka in the world. We invite you to taste a truly unique and exceptional vodka that is closely integrated with our Ukrainian heritage.

Country of Origin



Clear, with no impurities

Other Spirits in our Distillery

One of the three best selling vodkas globally. Spring Water clear.Big, assertive, snack-cracker-grain aroma. Toasty on the palate, dry, creamy texture. A winner on all levels.

Made from durum wheat and corn, this is one of the few vodkas that uses the latest technology of platinum filtration and a unique system of special birch and alder-tree charcoal filters.


Platinum filtration is a state of the art process that gives this vodka a clean, balanced, and soft finish. Thanks to an optimal balance of all ingredients this vodka is perfect for making cocktails

Serving Temperature

Serve at 1°C- 5°C.

Grain Used

Durum Wheat and Corn

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