Joyeuse Merlot


From the best terroirs of the South, The sunny Mediterranean lends it climate to Joyeuse a French Style Merlot, With a rich and long finish, Joyeuse is truly the bringer of Joy, à votre Santé !

Joyeuse was the sword of Charlemagne – (also known as ‘Charles the Great’) was a warrior king, and is credited as being the ‘father of modern Europe’. His titles include: King of the Franks, King of the Lombards, and Holy Roman Emperor. Charlemagne united much of western Europe, and was the first to hold the title of Holy Roman Emperor since the fall the of the western Roman Empire.


Country of Origin

European Union

Appellation of Origin (D.O.)


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Ripe Red Berries, Sunflower and Honey with a hint of Chocolate.


Medium Smooth Tannnis, With a Medium Body and Long Finish. Silky and Supple on the Palate.

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