La Tizona Blanco


La Tizona is the alluring taste of Spain. Fresh, Fun and Zesty the La Tizona range is the perfect pairing for an evening with your loved ones. From La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote, enjoy this special wine, Salud!

According to the Cantar de Mio Cid, El Cid won the sword from its previous owner, King Yucef in Valencia. Afterward, it was given by El Cid to his sons-in-law, the Infantes de Carrión but eventually returned into the possession of El Cid.

In the poem, Tizona’s power depends on the wielder, and it frightens unworthy opponents. When the infantes of Carrión have Tizona, they underestimate the power of the sword, due to their cowardice, but when Pero Vermúdez is going to fight Ferrán González and unsheathes Tizona (a gift from El Cid), Ferrán González yells and surrenders, cowering in terror at the sight of Tizona (verses 3642-3645)

Country of Origin


Appellation of Origin (D.O.)

La Mancha

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Pale Lemom , Clear


Citrus Fruits,Zesty


Fennel, Peach with medium acidity and body.

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